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Ma-RX42-S (SFHSS), Micro-SFHSS Receiver, for Futaba, 0.9 grams, Mini

Ma-RX42-S (SFHSS), Micro-SFHSS Receiver, for Futaba, 0.9 grams, Mini

Ma-RX42-S (SFHSS), Micro-SFHSS Receiver, for Futaba, 0.9 grams, with ESC for coreless motors


Required transmitter:

You need a transmitter equipped with S-FHSS radio technology to use the receiver. The Futaba T6 J / T8 J / T 10 J transmitter is recommended .


  • Name: Ma-RX42-S
  • Protocol: SFHSS (Futaba)
  • Size: 18.5 x 12.0 x 6.5 mm
  • Weight: 0.9 gr
  • Volt: 3.0 ~ 5.0 V
  • ESC: 5 A / 1 S (only suitable for coreless motors)
  • Connector size: JST 1.0 mm 3 PIN
  • Recommended channels: Futaba T6J, Futaba T8J, Futaba T10J


Recommended parts for this receiver (not included):

  • Servo: 1.7g servo with JST 1.0mm connector
  • Battery: 1S 3.7 V 100 mAh LiPo battery with 1.25 mm 2P connector



  • Compatible with FUTABA transmitters.
  • Built-in 2A brushed ESC, supported external brushless ESC, no programming required.



Initial setup & pairing:

  • Insert the bind plug into the channel labeled "BIND" and switch on the receiver.
  • Set the failsafe protection for the throttle valve and user interface (recommended to keep the throttle valve to a minimum; the entire user interface is in the middle position). Hold down the bind button and turn on the remote control.
  • If the frequency changes, the receiver LED flashes from fast to slow. A few seconds after the end of the binding, the LED of the receiver remains lit. All fail-safe protection settings are successful.
  • Remove the bind plug from the "BIND" channel. Turn the receiver back on and all channels are working properly. To test the fail-safe function, roll the lever into the corner and switch off the control. The user interface and the throttle control return to the original position in which the failsafe was set.


Note :
Not suitable for conventional wide voltage servos .
The reverse power supply damages the receiver.
Use a low voltage microservo when using a 1S battery.

  • Scope of delivery:

    The scope of delivery includes the following parts:

    • Ma-RX42-S receiver
    • incl.cable as shown in the illustration

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