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Build your very own Slow Flyer today!

Developed and produced by Tony & Sebastian

    Tony & Sebastian introduce themselves


    Tony Ray and Sebastian Hansen are passionate model pilots and have
    at the age of 19 & 20 decided to turn her passion into a profession alongside her studies.

    Based in Chengdu, Tony has been building Slow Flyer model airplanes for years serving a large international audience.


    Sebastian joined in 2019 and is developing new models together with Tony. 

    He also manages sales and customer service.


    In their small workshop there are always lots of construction plans, slow flyer prototypes, stringing paper in different colours and various small Slow Flyer building parts lying around,


    Together they want to inspire you for Slow Slyers made of balsa wood!


    They develop all their model aircraft construction plans themeselves, down to the smallest detail.

    Also all Slow Flyer KITs are produced in their own little "factory".


    In 2019 they have invested a lot of money in the purchase of their own laser cutter, to guarantee you best quality!


    They both work all day long on various model airplanes and publish every month a blog post with updates on our projects.


    Stay curious, the duo is constantly working on new ideas!


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