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Gö-3 Minimoa Modellflugzeug Kit, Maßstab 1/12, 1422 mm Spannweite, Lasercut Holz Bauteile, SD7032 Profil, 623 mm Rumpflänge

Gö-3 Minimoa model airplane, 1422 mm wingspan, glider to build yourself

Gö3 Minimoa model airplane with 1422 mm wingspan
This aircraft is a wonderful glider for beautiful hours of flight in the summer dusk.
The construction is challenging and great fun.
The end result is a very reliable model airplane with a fun factor guaranteed.
We are always available to answer any questions you may have.


Questions and answers about the flight characteristics:
1. Is the model bootable?
Yes, that is possible. To do this, however, you have to build in a mechanism yourself in order to disconnect the high start line.


2. Can I also install a motor?
Yes, that is also possible. The engine thrust must be at least 205-350 grams. It is recommended to add a power module in the upper part of the nose or on the back (note: not included in the kit, customer modification required)


3. Can I attach a "catapult" hook?
The Minimoa is a micro scale glider and built too filigree to be catapulted into the air from the ground. It is only suitable for towing and slope flights.

Model features:

  • Wingspan: 1422 mm
  • Wing size: 13.7 dm²
  • All-up weight: 300-320 grams
  • Scale: 1/12
  • Body length: 623 mm



Recommended parts (not included)

  • RC receiver with min. 3 channels (standard receiver)
  • 4 x 5 gram mini servo (recommendation: EMAX 9251 servo)
  • Scope of delivery:

    The scope of delivery includes the following parts:

    • 13 x balsa wood sheets (different thicknesses)
    • 3 x plywood sheets (different thicknesses)
    • 2 x paulownia leaves (Asian tree species, 1 mm thick)
    • 2 x PVC housing (for front and rear)
    • 1 x PVC tube
    • 1 x carbon tube
    • 5 x plastic hinges
    • 8 x paper hinges
    • 3 x M2 * 20 screws
    • 8 x M1.6 * 5 screws
    • 2 x M1.78 * 8 screws
    • 1 x M2 nut
    • 2 x M2 drive-in nuts
    • 4 x metal rod (Ø 0.8 mm)
    • 1 x metal wire (Ø 1 mm
    • 4 x metal wire adapters
    • 2 x carbon rod (1 mm diameter)
    • 2 x heat shrink tubing
    • 1: 1 construction drawings for grand pianos etc.
    • NOT INCLUDED: Stickers (like the German military cross in the picture), electronics, components You will receive a complete set with all components.

    You can also find all delivery information here in the assembly instructions. Click here!

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